How do I know students are focusing on their work in class?

When your students are working on Education Perfect in class, you can track their progress live and make sure they are focusing on the task at hand.

Who's Online Now?

Teachers can use the Who's Online feature to see all students who are online at any given moment. To access this, navigate to the Classes tab, and then Who's Online.

You'll be shown which students are online, as well as which lesson they are working on. If students aren't working on a lesson and are navigating through the platform, you'll see that they are (browsing)

Click the Search button to enable a search for each field, and narrow down your view to see a specific student, class, subject, or activity.

You can also send Cheers to your students from this page - either individually, or to an entire group at once.

Using the Live Feed

Another option is to view the Live Feed of a specific Task that has been assigned to students. This can help teachers keep on top of any distractions or issues students may experience while using devices in a classroom setting.

First, you'll need to set up a task for your students to work on in class. Once this has been done, navigate to the Tasks section of your Control Panel. 

If you don't assign a task to your students, you won't be able to make use of this focus tracking feature.

Click on your task and select the  Live Feed option. 

On the left side, you can see the students who are experiencing problems, and the students who are on track or not doing the task, as well as their completion of the assigned material. As students progress through the task, notifications about their completion will appear in the live feed, letting you know they are actively progressing through the task.

In the top right corner of the picture above, we can see a toggle with the description  Focus tracking is active - while this is enabled, students will receive a friendly warning when they go off task. 

The friendly warning consists of a flashing reminder in the name of the browser tab and will display only when the students have navigated away from the task at hand. This will be easily visible to students, which you can see below:

Monitoring an assessment

Our Assessments feature allows teachers to monitor assessments in real time. To learn more about using this feature, please see our article about monitoring assessments.

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