Ideas for using EP Competitions with your students

Competitions are a great way to get your students engaged with the content in a fun and light hearted way.

Teachers are able to create competitions for individual classes all the way through to whole school competitions. Competitions can also be assigned for short bursts of time or for longer periods of time such as a whole term. 

Lesson starters

Get the students excited about the content you are going to be covering in that lesson with a quick 10 minute competition that addresses some of the key terms that you will be exploring. Or assign content from the previous lesson for a quick check-in before moving on to something new. Competitions at the start of a lesson are also a great way to establish routine - the students know they have 10 minutes to get organised and to use EP to earn points before the lesson begins.

Lesson finishers

Introducing a 15-20 minute competition at the end of the lesson can help to keep students switched on to your content right up until the bell!

Competitions using Tasks & Homework

Students are able to earn points by completing the work you have assigned to them if it is also set up as a competition. This will help boost engagement with the specific content you want students to be referring to, but also give you some great data to show which students are engaging consistently. Set a competition each week to keep track of student progress and then tally the scores at the end of the term. 

Whole School Science Literacy Competition

The EP Content Library houses a HUGE range of glossary lists for the various topics covered across all year levels. Teachers are able to create a whole school competition by selecting all classes and determining what content students should engage with. 

EP Competitions for House Points

By sending us your class lists allocated by house, you can run an EP Competition where students can earn points for their house. This is a great way to get students engaged in learning in a fun way as well adding an academic element to house competitions. 

Compete with other schools

By getting in touch with their EP Representative, teachers are able to set up competitions between schools. These may be two local schools or two schools on opposite sides of the world. As long as each school is set up with EP accounts for their students then a competition can be created. 

This Help Guide will run you through the steps to follow to create Competitions for your students. 

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