Managing teacher accounts on EP

As a teacher using Education Perfect, you have the ability to manage teacher accounts as well as students. You may wish to create an account for a new teacher or add a substitute teacher to your class.

If your school is integrated with Wonde, your classes and accounts are managed via your school's Student Management System. Find out more here.

We're currently making some updates to the EP teacher interface. Until this area is updated, some actions (including managing teacher accounts) will need to be completed via the View Manage Classes button, or by toggling back to the original EP experience.

Navigate to any class from your dashboard, and click the View Manage Classes link. If you have no classes yet enrolled, toggle back to the original EP experience.

Setting up a new teacher account

Click Add user, and choose the Teacher option.

Enter the teacher's details, then click Add Teacher to confirm.

The teacher will receive an email inviting them to log in.

If the user's email address is already in use, you'll see an error. This teacher likely already has an account that they can use.

If they are moving from a different school, contact our Support Team to have them transferred. Please include their full name and email address.

add teacher dialogue with email already in use

Adding and removing teachers from a class

By class

In the View Manage Classes link, scroll/filter to the class, and click Change Teacher.

You'll be prompted to tick the teacher(s) that you wish to be assigned to the class. Click Select teachers to confirm, and you're all done!

By teacher

Another option is to add a single teacher to multiple classes at once.

To do this, navigate to the teacher's profile in the Classes tab, and click + Add to another class.

In the dialogue box that pops up, tick all classes this teacher should be associated with. Click Select class to confirm your changes. All done!

Resetting a teacher's password

Use the search bar at the top of the Classes tab to find the teacher. You can reset their password using the Reset button on the relevant teacher's row.

Alternatively, you can click on their name to open up their profile and reset their password.

You will get a pop-up that will allow you to reset their password in a couple of ways. You can choose whether you would like to email the teacher a secure login link or generate a temporary password to pass on to them.

  • If you chose to email the teacher, you'll see dialogue confirming that that teacher will receive an email shortly.
  • If you have selected the option to generate a password, the teacher's login details will be displayed for you to copy and pass along to the teacher.

After you have reset the teacher's password, the email they receive will expire in 72 hours, but you can always generate a new one using the same steps above.

Teachers being given temporary passwords will be prompted to set a new secure password the first time they log in.

Deactivating and transferring teacher accounts

At this time, only EP staff are able to remove teachers from the platform. Please contact us with the name(s) of users to be removed, and we'll action this for you.

If you have moved schools and you need your teacher account transferred, contact us (please include the name of your new school) and our team will assist you.

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