How do I update student and teacher details?

You can update details for your students and colleagues without the need for contacting Education Perfect support. 

If your school is integrated with Wonde, your classes and accounts are managed via your school's Student Management System. Find out more here.

We're currently making some updates to the EP teacher interface. Until this area is updated, some actions (including updating most student and teacher details) will need to be completed via the View Manage Classes button, or by toggling back to the original EP experience.

Updating student accounts

To update student details, navigate to a class in your dashboard, and click View Manage Classes.

From here, you can search for the student by name, or navigate to their class and click on their name to enter their profile.

Edit the details of their student, including name, email and student ID. Click Save to confirm your changes.

You can also add a parent email, or reset their password from this area.

You can also easily add an email address or reset a password from the class page

If many students need details to be updated, our team can action this for you in bulk. You'll need to send us the details at

Please include identifying information (name and either email, username or student ID) so we know who to update. Learn how to export existing data here.

Updating teacher accounts

To update a teacher's account, search for their name in the search bar at the top of the Classes page. Click into their profile when it appears.

From here, edit the teacher's details including their name, salutation, job title, and email. You can also change what department they are listed under. When you are happy with the changes you can select Save to confirm.

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