How do I add or remove a student?

You're able to quickly add and remove students from your teacher account. Let's explore!

Before we begin:

If your school is integrated with Wonde, you will be unable to make changes to your classes. Accounts need to be managed via your school's Student Management System. Find out more here.

  • If you wish to add entire classes, it’s easier to have our Enrolment Team do a bulk student import for you.
  • Avoid creating new accounts for students who have an existing account. Having one account per student allows them to keep progress all in one place and prevents confusion around licencing.

Getting started

Click the Classes tab.

How to navigate to the Classes tab in the Control Panel

Any classes assigned to you are shown in the tiles at the top of the page. Click View Class to view a specific class.

You'll also find a table showing all classes at your school. You can click into any of these classes if required.

How to open chosen class through the “View class” option and how to filter classes by subject

Adding Students

Click the Add Student button.

How to add students in the chosen class

Enter the student's name. Any accounts with similar names will be displayed. If the student has an existing account and it shows up, click Add to Class.

If you're adding a new account, click Create a new student account.

If the student goes by different names (e.g. Matt vs Matthew), try both iterations in case there's already an account!

Showing the “Add to class” option when the student being added has an existing account or “Create a new student account” function if there’s none

Fill out any additional details for the student. 

Pop up window to fill out additional details for the student

This email address is already taken indicates that the email address is already in use. Please contact and confirm the student's name and email address to have them transferred.

With an email address

When adding a student  with an email address, the student will automatically receive an email welcoming them to EP. They'll be prompted to log in and create a password. 

Without an email address

When adding a student  without an email address, you will be given a temporary password that will need to be given to the student. Students must set a new, secure password upon logging in to EP.

IDs, SSO IDs and LTI IDs

Depending on how your school is set up, you may be required to enter a Student ID, SSO ID or LTI ID when creating a new account. 

Showing the Student ID field if required by the school

To see what IDs some of the other students at your school are using, hover over the Help icon.

Showing the “Help” icon to see IDs used by other students and to check their format

If you're still unsure of what ID you should be using, get in touch with us at

Removing Students

From the class page, select the check box on the left-hand side of the page next to each of the students that you'd like to remove. 

Once you're ready to remove the student(s), click Remove from this class

Showing how to remove selected students from the Class page

To remove a student from more than one class, navigate to their individual profile.

You can either search their name in the box at the top of the page or select their name from the class page. 

Select Remove from class for any classes that you want the student to be removed from.

Showing how to remove a student from multiple classes by navigating to their student page

If a student is removed from all classes, their account will be listed as inactive and they'll be unable to log in.

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