How do I mark my Assessments?

Education Perfect makes marking easy! Let's explore.

The EP platform will mark Assessments automatically wherever it can, but you'll need to manually mark some types of content, outlined below.

Name Icon Marking
Translation List
Translation list icon Auto-marked

Fact List Fact list icon Auto-marked

Spelling List
Spelling list icon Auto-marked
Smart Lesson 
Smart lesson icon
Section Icon Marking
Quiz icon Auto-marked
Extended Response Extended response icon Manually marked
Pre-built Assessments
Pre-built assessments icon Auto-marked where available, otherwise Manual

Marking assessments

Select the Assessments tab from your dashboard, and click into the Responses tab of your chosen assessment.

You will be taken to the Responses tab of the Assessment. Select Begin Marking, or click Mark Assessment next to a student you’d like to start with.

There are two methods of marking, which are determined by the grading method set when creating an Assessment. 

For percentage based marking, continue below. See the next section for grade score marking.

Percentage based marking

Enter a score in the box on the right-hand side of the page. 

To leave written feedback for the student, select the Add Comment tab at the bottom of the page.

Showing how to leave written feedback for the student through the "Add Comment" tab

For some questions, you can add a partial mark if the question doesn't fully satisfy the marking criteria. To do this, enter a mark in the Partial Marking box to the right of the page.

Showing how to add a partial mark

Note: Working Formula components can only be automatically marked as correct or incorrect, while other components can automatically award partial points. See which components offer automatic partial marking here.

Grade score marking

EP currently offers NAME and N0-E8 grade score marking, which is used in NCEA in New Zealand.

Instead of a score box, you will see specific grade options for each question. Work through each question and assign a grade. 

To leave written feedback, select the Add Comment tab at the bottom of the page.

Showing how to leave feedback through the "Add Comment" tab

You are also required to assign a Final Grade to the Assessment. This cannot currently be calculated automatically based on the marks you've given.

Click on Final grade and select the overall grade. Leave feedback, then Save and move on.

If you don’t select a final grade, marking is considered incomplete and results cannot be released to the student.

Showing how to assign a final grade to the assessment

Overriding marks

If an Assessment has been automatically marked but you wish to make changes, you are free to do so.

Navigate to the Marking tab of the Assessment in question, and change the marks as needed. For full details on how to override automatic marking, check out our guide.

Releasing results

If you withheld results from students when assigning the Assessment, you can finalise and release them to your class through the Analysis tab. 

For more information on releasing results, check out our guide.

assessment results visibility

Moderating exam marking

It's easy to moderate assessments that have been marked by other teachers on EP. You're able to view assessments assigned to other classes at your school and view feedback that has been given. See our guide here for further information on how to do this.

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