How do I mark my assessments?

Education Perfect makes marking easy

Assessments are automatically marked where possible but you'll have to manually mark your assessments in some cases, as outlined below:

Name Icon Marking
Translation List

Fact List Auto-marked

Spelling List
Smart Lesson 
Section Icon Marking
Quiz  Auto-marked
Extended Response  Manually marked
Pre-built Assessments
Auto-marked where available, otherwise Manual

Marking Assessments

Select the  Assessments tab from your Control Panel.

Hover over the assessment you would like to mark and select the attempts icon.

A list of each student's attempts will appear. Select Begin Marking. If you would like to start with a particular student's work, select Mark Assessment next to their name.

Enter a mark in the column on the right-hand side of the page. If you would like to leave some feedback, select the  Add Comment tab at the bottom of the page.

For some questions, you can add a partial mark if the question doesn't fully satisfy the marking criteria. To do this, enter a mark in the Partial Marking box to the right of the page. 

Overriding Marks

For full details on how to override automatic marking, check out our guide.

Releasing Results

You can finalise the results and release them to your class through the  Analysis tab. 

For more information on this, check out our guide.

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