Changing the grading for an Assessment

EP Assessments enable you to adjust grading when needed - even after an Assessment has been completed by students already!

Getting Started

Start by navigating to your Content tab.

Content tab button

Find the assessment that you wish to change the grading for.

Assessment example in Content Library

Click Edit to begin making changes.

Edit button

Limited Exam Editor

If the assessment has already been assigned to students, you'll be prompted to either make a new copy; or edit the live exam.

To update the grading options on the assigned exam, select Limited exam editor.

Limited Exam Editor access

You will then be able to make edits as outlined in the below sections.

The Limited Exam Editor option will only appear for content that is owned by you. You can see who the current owner of the exam is by selecting the exam in your Content Library using Edit mode.

Ownership notifier in Content Library

You will also not be able to use the Limited Exam Editor option if your exam is shared to the Public. You can resolve this by selecting More and the Make Private to school.

Public/Privacy toggle

Note that if you change the grading, any marking you have already done will be wiped and you'll need to begin again.

Changing the Grading

You can change your assessment grading from a percentage score to an NCEA grade score. Click Settings at the top of the page and select Grading options.

Change grading button in assessment editor

Here you have the option to switch between percentage based and grade based marking.

Percentage based versus grading based grading options

Graded Marking

There are two options for grade based marking: 

  • NCEA Marking (Achieved, Merit, Excellence) 
  • NCEA Grade Score Marking (Not achieved 0 - Excellence 8).

Learn how to mark Assessments with this grading method here.

Grading based marking options

Changing question scores

You can change how many points a question is worth by selecting the question in the sidebar and updating the number under the Score section.

Score editor

Update the scores for an entire section at once by selecting the section in the sidebar and  Assign Score.

Assign score button in editor

Input the score and select Set Score to confirm.

Score confirmation dialogue

Changes to grading and question scores will then be reflected in the assigned exam under your Assessments tab. Scores will automatically be recalculated, and analysis tags applied.

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