How do I override automatic marking?

Some Assessment sections can be automatically marked, but you are free to make changes and override auto-marking if you need to.

Navigate to the Assessments tab from your dashboard. In your chosen Assessment, click on the Responses tab. 

Click Mark Assessment for your chosen attempt.

Enter the updated score in the sidebar on the right-hand side.

partial marking fields

If you need to, you can check out the marking criteria for the question by selecting Marking Schedule at the bottom of the page.

For some questions, you have the option of adding a partial mark if an answer doesn't fully meet the criteria.

Partial marking box within an assessment Note: Working Formula components can only be automatically marked as correct or incorrect, while other components can automatically award partial points. See which components offer automatic partial marking here.

You can also leave feedback for students feedback by using the Add Comment option at the bottom of the page. 

Add comment box within a student assessment attempt

Once you're done, select Save & Exit at the top of the page.

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