How do I change the visibility of student results?

By default, students can see the results of an assessment they complete as soon as it's been marked. You can choose to withhold results until you're ready to share them.

Result visibility options

There are three different states you can set the results to:

  • Internal Results: Not visible to students. Choose this when you are still marking the assessments or have a planned release date for the results.
  • Provisional Results: Visible to students, but labeled as Provisional. Choose this when you want students to see their marks but you want to be able to make changes to the results.
  • Finalised Results: Visible to students and labeled as final. Choose this when you have marked the assessments and do not want to make any further changes.

To see what this looks like from a student perspective, check out our article.

results visibility options

When finalising the results you will have the option to allow students to view their papers. Selecting this option will allow them to review the questions. If you wish to use the assessment again for another group of students we recommend leaving this unticked. This option can also be updated as necessary. 

Changing visibility after an Assessment

After an Assessment has finished, go into the Responses section for the assessment. Select the Change button at the top of the page.

Choose the appropriate setting and click Confirm.

Other teachers in your school can release results as well. Keep this in mind if a single assessment has been assigned to multiple classes, as it may result in one class seeing their results before expected.

Choosing the Default Visibility

When setting up an assessment, under the Options section, you can choose to withhold student results from being released by checking the box labeled Withhold student results until I choose to release them.

result option when assigning assessment

If you're setting an auto-marked Assessment and you choose to withhold results, the students won't be able to see them until you release them. If it's a manually marked Assessment, you will need to release the results on top of marking them. 

This can be useful if you would like to release all of the results after they have all finished being marked.

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