Assigning Recommended Tasks to students after an Assessment

EP's Recommended Tasks feature can be used to differentiate and support students with individualised learning pathways. 

Once students have completed an Assessment, these can be manually or automatically assigned. We'll cover manual assignments in this guide, but you can learn more about Recommended Tasks here.

For recommendations to be available, first, students must complete a Quiz or Assessment you have assigned.

Navigate to the Assessments tab from your dashboard, and click on the relevant Assessment. Next, click the Report tab.

Head to the Analysis and Recommendations section. This will display a list of recommendations.

Click the arrow next to a recommendation to see the students who have been highlighted, as well as how they scored on each question.

Click the Assign this 1 recommendation button to assign a single recommendation or the + Assign recommendations button to assign multiple.

Select your settings from the pop-up window that appears, including how much work to assign to students, and whether to exclude specific students. 

Ticking the Filter recommended box allows you to customise what's assigned. You will also see approximately how long each section should take, and how many students will be assigned to each section.

When you're ready, click Assign

If you assign Recommended Tasks more than once on the same assessment (for example after the first class completes it, then again when the second class completes it), the first class will end up with two tasks assigned to them. We recommend assigning Recommended Task only once all students have sat the assessment.

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