Using EP to alleviate marking

There are several ways to use EP to reduce the overall workload and time taken for marking, which we’ll explore in this article. 

Once work has been assigned and completed by students on Education Perfect, teachers are able to mark and give feedback. 

Automatic marking - let EP do the work!

Auto-marked questions (also known as Short Answer or Quiz type questions on EP), will be automatically marked by EP. These types of questions include:

Manually Marked questions (also known as Extended Response or Long Answer on EP) cannot be automatically marked, as they include open ended questions with no set answer. These types of questions include:

A full breakdown of question types can be found here

If you steer towards using Auto-marked questions wherever possible, EP can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. 

Choosing auto-marked questions

One way to alleviate marking is to choose EP content that contains only auto-marked questions. This means that work will be marked and results compiled by the platform. 

Auto-marked questions are denoted by the purple Quiz section icon.

When assigning a Task or Quiz, choose to assign specific sections, enabling you to leave out the blue, manually marked style sections. 

It doesn’t have to be one or the other! Simply reducing the amount of manually marked questions included will reduce the overall marking workload.

For automatically marked assessments, you can always override the marks that EP has given.

Streamline your marking process

Give verbal feedback

When giving feedback in Tasks, you can opt to give verbal feedback instead of written. This can make the process quicker.

Verbal feedback is not yet available for Assessments.

Marking Schedules (NZ)

If using grade-based marking, grading schedules can be added into questions for Pre-Built Assessments, allowing you to see the question requirements in-app. 

Share the load 

When giving feedback on tasks or when marking Assessments, more than one teacher can jump in. Teachers can navigate to a specific assessment and begin (or continue) marking in the Marking tab.

Peer Review

Use EP’s Peer Review feature to require students to mark each other’s answers. 

Hot tip! This is a fantastic way for students to draft essays. Assign a Task asking students to draft their introductions and configure it for Peer Review

Students can provide anonymous feedback and advice to peers, who can then adjust work accordingly. Next, students repeat the process to draft their initial paragraphs and so on. 

Once the draft essay reaches you, it should already be well crafted and require little intervention and feedback.

Peer review feedback example

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