How do I assign Peer Review lessons to students?

Peer Review gives students the opportunity to anonymously review work that their classmates have completed and to reflect on how they might be able to answer questions better for themselves.

Start by navigating to the Tasks tab, and clicking the + Assign button.

You will then be prompted to choose between a Lesson, a List and Peer Review. Select the Peer Review option.

peer review option

Choose the students to assign to the Task.

In order to use Peer Review, the task will need to be assigned to at least six students.

selecting students for peer review

Choose your dates in the next section, and then the third step is to select your Content.

Any Extended Response questions (identified by the blue pencil icon) are Peer Review compatible.

highlighting eligible content for peer review

Once you have selected a lesson, you'll be asked to Choose Peer Review questions.

Here you'll be asked to specify which Extended Response questions out of your selected content you'd like to include for Peer Review. You can choose any combination you like, and it's handy to keep an eye on the estimated time to complete for your students.

Click Confirm Selection when you are happy with what you have selected.

selecting peer review questions

Finally, select how many reviews you would like your students to complete, and whether you'd like students to give their classmates a star rating, or both a star rating and a feedback comment.

Requiring your students to complete more than one review will help to compensate for any students who don't review any of their classmates' work as well as those who don’t complete the work. This will also expose each student to more of their classmates' work and feedback.

selecting number of reviews and feedback method in peer review

Continue selecting the parameters of the Task. For full instructions, check out our help guide.

To find out how to review student feedback, check out our guide. To learn more about how peer review works for students, check out our guide here.

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