A guide to EP's Enrolment Portal

Our Enrolment Portal makes it easy to securely add classes to Education Perfect. Processing is quick, which means your students have access to EP as quickly as possible.

This enrolment method is suitable for school-wide enrolments, single classes, and everything in between!

Note that you'll need an EP account to enrol students using this method. If you don't yet have one, please contact us.

The EP Enrolment Portal is not currently able to update existing classes. To update existing classes, consider another of our enrolment options.

Step 1: Gather Information

Required information

Start by logging in to your EP account. If you don't yet have one, please contact us.

Depending on your school setup, we’ll need a combination of student and teacher information.

To view the specific requirements for your school, navigate to the Enrolment Portal. Click + Add Classes within the Classes tab of your dashboard, then the Import spreadsheet option.

Click View Template. A popup will show you the details EP requires in order to enrol students at your school.

Information you submit to us must include this information.

What if I can't get all of these details? Get in touch with your IT/Administration staff to get ahold of the info, otherwise, contact our team and we can help with alternative options.


In the Enrolment Portal, click Download our class template to download a fillable spreadsheet template personalised to your school. 

You aren’t required to use our template, but your submission must include all of the fields that are displayed in the template.

For example, you can export enrolment details from your school's SIS/SMS, and edit the column headers to match our requirements. Then, submit that file in the portal!

Export from your SIS/SMS

One of the easiest ways to compile enrolment data is to export class lists from your school’s Student Information System (SIS) or Student Management System (SMS) as a spreadsheet, and then format it for enrolment. 

We have guides available for commonly used systems:

Step 2: Format your data

Before you submit class lists, format the data in a way that the Enrolment Portal can process instantly.

  • If you exported class information from your school’s SIS/SMS, you’ll need to ensure that the column headers are named the same as what’s in the template example. The closer a file matches, the smoother and quicker enrolment will be. 
  • If you filled in a template manually, great! Your data should already match the expected format and will be ready to go. 

  • Your file(s) needs to be .csv or .xlsx.
  • The maximum file size is 10 MB.
  • Files with multiple ‘sheets’ or ‘tabs’ will only have data from the first sheet processed. Please include all data on one sheet, or include separate files for each sheet.
  • The enrolment portal currently only supports new student/class enrolments, not teachers. For any teachers who don't have an account, you'll be prompted to create one.

Student information
  • Use school issued email addresses, don’t use personal email addresses. 
  • Leave out student middle names.
  • If your school does not issue email addresses to students: please let us know, and include Student ID numbers if possible. These help us preserve students' work and stop duplicate accounts.
    • If you're unable to include at least one unique identifier, our portal will show an error. Please choose to submit to our Support team for processing when you reach that step.
Class information
  • Ensure each class has a unique Class Name, otherwise students may end up in one class.
  • Ensure every class has a Subject name that matches EP's Expected format
    • Multiple subjects are supported when separated by a semicolon (e.g. English;History)
  • Class School Management ID is an optional field, and relates to IDs that are identified by your school's SMS/SIS. If you're unsure what this is, leave it blank.
  • Ensure Class Year Level is populated (e.g. 7, Y7, Y07, Year 7).
    • Other accepted formats include P (prep) K (kindergarten), Tertiary, and Tutoring.
    • Multiple year levels are supported when separated by a semicolon (e.g. Y09;Y10)
  • Ensure every class has a Teacher Name filled in, and that the name of the teacher matches their EP account. EP will link the teacher to their class automatically.
    • Teacher names split into two columns (e.g. firstname and surname) are supported.
    • Multiple teachers are supported when separated by a semicolon and entered in a single column (e.g. Jane Doe;John Smith).

Filled template example for portal

The image above is an example only; your data may look different.

Step 3: Submit

Once ready, submit your lists using the EP Enrolment Portal. Click + Add Classes within the Classes tab of your dashboard, then click Import spreadsheet.

If your EP account is attached to multiple schools, you’ll be prompted to choose which one to import to.

Drag & drop your file(s), or click choose files

If your submission is formatted correctly, you’ll see a green tick, and you can click Import.

Import screen

If the teacher does not exist or can't be matched to an existing EP account, you'll see an error message. 

Click Edit to choose from teachers at the school, or create a new teacher account.

unmatched teacher error message
assigning or creating a teacher in the teacher picker screen
Once updated, click Done to confirm, and import your file(s).

Your classes will be instantly enrolled and you’ll see a confirmation screen. All done! Click view class to view the details.

We'll email any new students (if we have their emails) to invite them to log in. If you imported classes for other teachers, we'll email them to let them know their classes are ready too.

class creation confirmation screen

If something’s not quite right with your file(s), you’ll see a red note specifying the error. You can click the X to remove any affected files, otherwise, you have two options:

  • Recommended: Return to your file(s) to make changes, and resubmit. Once fixed, enrolment is instant. Check out the troubleshooting section for error diagnosis.
  • Alternatively, click Submit to Support team to add your submission to our queue. Our team will manually review and process your submission.
    • This option has a wait time, especially during busy times of year. The maximum wait time can vary from 3 to 7 days.

Import classes error example

If you submit to our Support team, you’ll be invited to leave a note for our team. Once your submission has been processed, you'll receive an email confirmation.

If you encounter any issues using the portal, please contact us for assistance.

Next Steps

Once your classes are up and running, you can:

Troubleshooting & FAQ

Once everything is complete, classes will appear in EP. This can take up to 15-20 minutes for large lists processed through the portal.

We'll email any new students (if we have their emails) to invite them to log in. If you imported classes for other teachers, we'll email them to let them know their classes are ready too.

If you submitted your file to our Support team, we'll notify you and any included teachers via email once classes are ready.

You can generate and send login instructions to students by following our guide.

The Enrolment Portal can accept .csv and .xlsx files with a maximum size of 10mb. Currently up to 10 files can be submitted at once.

Please note that all information must be contained to one sheet/tab, per file in order to process correctly.

Files with selectable text (e.g. PDFs) and Word documents are not accepted.

Your submission has been added to our queue, and will be completed no later than the timeframe that was stated when you submitted it. You will be notified via email once complete.

Our team regularly monitor and update our expected timeframes.

Submitted files are securely stored in our Sydney based Amazon Web Services server (S3) and are deleted after 30 days.

The security and privacy of user data are important to us. Our Privacy Policy is available on our website.

If you experience an error when submitting your file(s), use the below solutions to fix the error before resubmitting. Once fixed, enrolment is instant!

Error message

header missing surname
A required column has not been found or has been doubled up.

If the column is indeed in the spreadsheet, it may be that the header of that column is named incorrectly and the portal cannot match it.

  • Ensure the column is included in your file and not duplicated.
  • Ensure the header of the column matches the format of the template.
Information in the specified row is missing or invalid.

The error will specify which piece of information is affected - First name, Surname, Email Address, and so forth.

Fill in the missing details, and ensure they match your school's requirements.
subject not matching class year level
EP has been unable to match the class subject(s) supplied to an EP subject.

Ensure every class has a subject that matches EP's expected format.

Multiple subjects are supported when separated by a semicolon (e.g. English;History)

Please see the file formatting section for further guidance.
The year level supplied does not match the expected format or is missing.

  • Variations of Year or Grade levels are accepted (e.g. Y7, Y07, Year 07, 7 and grade variations).
  • Other accepted formats include P (prep) K (kindergarten), Tertiary, and Tutoring.
  • Multiple-year levels are supported when separated by a semicolon (e.g. Y9;Y10).
  • See the formatting section for further guidance.
Teacher error example in Enrolment Portal 10mb limit
The named teacher couldn't be matched to an account.

Click Edit to either choose the correct teacher or create a new teacher account.
The file you have submitted exceeds 10 MB.

Please resubmit your file with a lower file size.
file type not supported Maximum 10 files to import
Ensure your file is a .csv or .xlxs file, and resubmit. Only 10 files can be processed by the Enrolment Portal at once.

If you have more files to import, we suggest combining data into one spreadsheet (in one tab), or completing multiple enrolment requests.
LTI/LMS error No active licence found
The SSO or LTI identifier has not been provided or does not match the expected format.

Please populate these cells with the correct information. You can check the expected format for your school within the template example in the portal.
An active licence has not been found for the subjects and year levels included in your submission.

Please reach out to your EP contact to discuss a subscription with EP. If you're unsure, contact our team.
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