Creating MYP assessments on Education Perfect

You can create IB MYP assessments using EP Studio.  There are two key ways to achieve this. 

In this guide, we’ll explore one method for beginner users and one for more experienced EP Studio users.

Beginner method: group criterion-specific questions onto one slide

When creating an assessment for students completing the IB MYP, you can easily combine multiple criterion-specific question types on the one slide and to assign each slide 8 marks. This way, you can get a score out of 8 for any criteria you wish to assess.

Here’s how:

  1. When creating your assessment, place all questions related to Criteria A one after the other on the same slide within EP Studio. You can use a mix of both auto-marked and manually marked questions if you wish.
    1. Please note: Auto-marked questions will still be auto-marked, however, the platform will allow you to override this mark by entering your final grade out of 8.
  2. Repeat this process, creating a single page of questions for the other criteria you wish to assess.
  3. As you complete each slide, navigate to the bottom of the EP Studio screen and click the blue Switch to manual marking option (this may only appear if you have all auto-marked questions on the slide). Then enter the number ‘8’ into the box for Score. The slide is now worth a total of 8 points.

Intermediate method: group criterion-specific questions within sections

When creating EP assessments, you can create sections that allow you to group common questions together and mark each ‘group’ (or section) out of 8 for each relevant criteria. 

This method is handy if you have more complex questions that require more screen space, and you wish to limit the amount of scrolling that students need to do. 

Here’s how:

  1. When creating your assessment, create criterion-specific questions on their own individual slides.
  2. Click + Add Section on the left-hand side of the screen to add a new section. Set up one section for Criterion A, one for Criterion B, and so on. Create as many sections as you need and rename them so they're easily identifiable.
  3. Drag and drop your questions into their appropriate sections.
  4. For each section that you create, click Assign score under marking and enter the number 8. All questions are now worth 8 marks in total.

An advantage of this method is that multiple teachers can mark the assessment at the same time, allowing different teachers to mark each section of the assessment (and thus each criterion) simultaneously.

Other valuable assessment features

All other features of creating an EP assessment are available when building these types of assessments for your MYP students. 

  • Analysis tags can help you to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your students in the various Criteria, as well as aid in ease of collating data if assessments focus on more than one Criteria. Find out more here.
  • Full-Screen Monitor Mode allows you to track student engagement with the assessment in real-time. Learn more in our article.
  • Result release options provide you with three options to provide your students with feedback. You can choose to:
    • Not release marks to students.
    • Release the provisional results so students can reflect on their assessment and check grading.
    • Release the finalised assessment to students, including the paper and all answers.
    • You can also choose to release provisional or final results without releasing papers. Find out more here!

Our Teacher Consultants would be happy to guide you through the process of creating an MYP assessment using EP Studio. Book in a personalised PD session by reaching out to our friendly team.

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