Using EP to support students that have English as an additional language (ESL/ESOL/EAL)

For students who have English as a second language, Education Perfect can be used to support them in their learning. This article contains some tips on how best to achieve this.

Key EP features

Handy features on EP can be utilised to assist students with their learning.

  • Set pre and post tests, with automatic recommended tasks in between. This can allow teachers to easily measure students' progress and understanding.
  • ESOL/EAL and Language vocab lists can be used to support student development in English literacy. Teachers can create and assign these to students, but students are also able to build their own personal lists for revision through the EP Student Zone.
  • The file uploader and the audio recorder question components can allow students to verbalise a response and prove understanding without the need to write, and/or answer in their home language.
  • Fact lists are an excellent way to support literacy and learning across different subjects.
  • Teachers can encourage EAL/ESOL students to use the text-to-speech function when completing smart lessons so that they can listen to information slides and question prompts and replay these if necessary.

Modifying Content

Assessments and lesson resources can be easily modified and differentiated for English learners. EAL/ESOL support teachers can also review the work set by classroom teachers, and easily make copies. 

Other options for modifying content:
  • Assigning specific parts of lessons, rather than the whole lesson, can sometimes be helpful for students learning and developing in a second language. For example, you could reduce the number of longer responses, or remove them completely. 
  • Modifying written response tasks to add in sentence starters for students can be very helpful.

Existing EAL/ESOL Content

EP has built out a comprehensive EAL course from A1-B2 level. This covers reading, writing, speaking and spelling. 

Click here for more information about our existing EAL offering.

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