What resources do you have for ESL/ESOL/EAL?

We are currently in the process of developing a new ESOL/EAL course. Our initial plan is to develop a beginner/basic level course. This will be made up of a series of topic based units that include listening and reading comprehension alongside speaking and writing practice. 

Available Content

The following units are already available:

  • Close family
  • Extended family
  • Numbers
  • Classroom Objects
  • Colours
  • Classroom language
  • School subjects
  • Maths - Core Vocabulary Lessons
  • Science - Core Vocabulary Lessons
  • Humanities - Core Vocabulary Lessons

Click here for a video that introduces the structure of our basic course. 

We also have the following advanced level content available:

  • Vocabulary and spelling
  • Language conventions
  • Language features
  • Reading strategies
  • Reading text library
  • Writing

It is also possible to create your own ESOL/EAL content. This video gives a short overview of how to do this. You can also refer to our article How do I make a Smart Lesson?

How to access our EAL/ESOL content

To access our EAL/ESOL content, navigate to Content.

Choose ESOL/EAL in the drop down menu in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

You can pin this subject to the top of the menu by clicking the pin icon next to the subject name.

Select Basic Course

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