How do I sign students up for the Brain Bee Challenge?

Enrolling students for 2019 Brain Bee Challenge

1. Download and fill the spreadsheet below.


If a student identifies as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, please make note of this on the Student Template Form.

New Zealand

If a student identifies as Māori, please make note of this on the Student Template Form.

2. Upload the template to this website:


Or send the spreadsheet back to:

Who can take part in the Brain Bee Challenge?

The competition is open to Australian students who will be enrolled in Year 10 in 2019, and to New Zealand students who will be enrolled in Year 11 in 2019.

Students in accelerated or extension classes, who are not in the above year levels, are unfortunately not eligible to compete. 

How much does the competition cost?

The competition is a free event, funded by the Australasian Neuroscience Society.

What do I do if I don't know the names of my students who will be taking part?

You can send through all of your students for enrolment. On the day of the competition, only the students who want to compete should log in. There is no requirement for all students who are enrolled to complete the test.

What is the deadline for enroling students for the competition?

All students need to be enrolled by 9 March to guarantee they will be able to compete. Late submissions may be accepted; contact for more details.

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