Monitoring an Assessment/Exam

Education Perfect enables teachers to monitor assigned work, to ensure they are sat under exam conditions or that students are focused on their work in class.

This feature helps simplify invigilation by notifying the teacher if students are off task or having connection issues. In this article, we'll explain how to use this feature.

Enabling Monitored Assessment Mode

Monitored Assessment Mode complements a vigilant teacher in the exam room, but doesn't replace them.

Overall responsibility for the integrity of the assessment stays with the teacher. If remote learning, we recommend running a video call simultaneously.

All EP Assessments offer monitoring by default, however, we recommend also ensuring Full-Screen mode is enabled for more detailed event tracking.

First, assign an Assessment.

When assigning your Assessment or Quiz, check that Full Screen is ticked in the Options section. This requires students to enter full screen mode when completing the Assessment.

EP will switch this on by default, but it's worth checking!

enabling full screen mode

The limitations of Monitored Assessment Mode


Our monitoring system is not available on Safari due to limitations in Safari itself. If your students are using a Mac, they'll need to use Google Chrome or Firefox instead. Students using Safari will be unable to begin the assessment if Full Screen has been switched on.

Some features within Mac OS reduce the effectiveness of our monitoring. If your students are using a Mac device, we recommend extra vigilance as they complete their assessments.

Handheld devices (iPad/tablet and mobile phone)

Full-screen monitor mode is not available in browsers on iPad/tablet. Students must download and use the Student App.

Assessments are not available in any capacity on mobile phones.

How to use Monitored Assessment Mode

Once your assessment is set up with Full Screen enabled, navigate to the Monitor tab of the assessment. Here you'll see a timeline of events occurring for the students sitting the assessment. 

The Monitor tab is available for all assessments, but with Full Screen enabled you'll have more insight into student actions.

Problems will be displayed as a symbol in the feed. In the image below, Albracca Blanc previously left the exam without submitting.

Students are required to be in full-screen mode when completing their assessments. If they attempt to navigate away, or exit full-screen mode they will receive a red warning.

Students using the Education Perfect app on their tablets, iPads, or Chromebooks will not be shown a warning message when they go off task. 

Showing warning sign for students who aren’t in full-screen mode or attempting to navigate to another page

Icons in the Monitor tab

Icons are denoted by text, but if you're unsure, a breakdown of the different icons you might see can be found below:

Icon Description
lost focus The student has lost focus on the exam window. They may have clicked into another tab or window during Full Screen mode.

The item may also mention Spotlight, which is a MacOS 'search' feature, which also has a calculator. Read more about Spotlight here.
left full screen The student has left full screen mode (and has minimised their window).
no wifi The student is experiencing internet connection issues. This could be due to a weak connection.
force submit Assessment was force submitted by a teacher.
reopen icon Assessment has been reopened by a teacher.
time extended Time allowed for the assessment was extended by a teacher.
Assessment locked Assessment was locked by a teacher (students are unable to access the assessment).
Assessment unlocked Assessment unlocked by a teacher (students can access the assessment again).
exited without submitting The student has exited their assessment without submitting it.
submitted successfully The student has successfully submitted their assessment.


Students on the Monitor page will be shown in separate categories depending on their status. This is particularly useful for seeing any students who are experiencing issues at once.

Problem indicates a student experiencing an issue, while Recent Problem indicates an issue in the last couple of minutes.

For any questions, please reach out to our team!

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