Managing Assessment Access Codes

Assessments can be protected by an access code that students must type in before they can start working. You can also change the access code after an assessment has been created.

Where to find Assessment Access Codes

You can find an Assessment's Access Code in the white information box of the assessment, under the Assessments tab in your dashboard.

Changing an existing Assessment Access Code

You may want to change the access code if you're using the same assessment twice with different classes at different times. This stops students in the first class from sharing the code with the second class, potentially giving them access before you're ready.

If you change an access code while students are still working on the assessment, they will need the new access code to re-open it if they leave for any reason.

Navigate to the Assessments tab of your dashboard, and click into the relevant assessment.

In the Details tab, scroll down to the Options section and click Edit. Now you can click the refresh button to generate a new code. Click Save once complete.

Students who have not yet started the assessment will now need the new code to begin their assessment.

Creating an Assessment with Access Codes enabled

When assigning an Assessment, switch on codes under the 5. Options section.

enable access code when setting test

You can also switch the access code on (or off) after the assessment has been assigned by editing it in the Details tab.

access code toggle

You can find more information about assigning assessments in the following guides:

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