Using EP Languages to support IB

This article will cover some useful information relating to using EP Languages to support IB. 

What is EP Languages? 

EP Languages is an online language learning platform designed to cover all of the language learning needs a teacher or student may have including: 

  • Listening comprehension
  • Reading comprehension
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Grammar 
  • Vocabulary

The programme has been designed to be relevant to a large number of different curriculum prescriptions and many teachers are using the platform to support IB, both MYP and Diploma. 

Where to start with using EP Languages to support IB

EP Languages is made up of a series of topic based units, many of which align to the themes taught in the IB MYP and Diploma. You can use our topic based units to support your students learning as they work through a topic. Each of the units contains practice of all of the core skills that the students need. 

We have created these alignment guides where you will find an overview of how EP Languages align to the IB themes and topics. For French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese, you can also find folders within the content library which have our content organised according to this structure.  Click on the links for each language to access the guide:






The units can easily be adapted if you feel this is necessary. You can add in additional vocabulary lists or edit the styles of the questions.

We would recommend starting with the immersion version of our content, which has all the Instructions, questions and answers in the target language. This is available at Intermediate and Advanced level.

For MYP: we recommend a combination of our beginner, intermediate and advanced levels and also our IGCSE resources.

For the Diploma- Ab initio:  we recommend a combination of our beginner and intermediate levels.

For the Diploma- language B: we recommend our advanced and current events units. 

Using EP Languages for IB Assessment tasks

It is also possible to use EP Languages to create assessment tasks. You can use our texts and adjust the questions or you can input your own texts and questions into our assessment building tool. 

You can use our existing speaking questions to help build their confidence in conversation for their oral assessments. You can also create your own speaking practice questions and assessment tasks either with a written, visual or oral stimulus. 

Case studies

Here are some case studies from teachers who are using EP Languages successfully to support IB DP and MYP. Click on the links to access each case study. 

Naima Keddar, Head of Teaching and learning, IB MYP and DP coordinator, Australian International Academy

Cindy Pitkin, Head of Languages, St. Peter's Girls' School.

If you have any further questions about how you can use EP Languages to support IB, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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