How do I get links to content, Tasks and Assessments?

When your school has an integration with one of our supported Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Education Perfect, you can easily get links to activities to put into your Learning Management System. 

You can also use links to share directly with students, to direct them to specific work.

Getting a link to a lesson

  1. Navigate to your Library or Discover tab, and navigate to the lesson you want to link to.
  2. In the side bar (or while previewing), click +Assign.
  3. In the dialogue that pops up, copy the link that is supplied.
  4. Exit the dialogue, and share the link however you need.

While students will have easy access to the activity through this link, there will be no monitoring or data available. Consider assigning the activity as a Task or Assessment instead!

copy link button in assign dialogue

Getting a link to a Task or Assessment

  1. Assign a Task, Quiz, or Pre-Built Assessment.
  2. On the Details page, copy the direct link, or the link labeled with your LMS.

If your LMS has been integrated with Education Perfect, you can paste the LTI link there. If not, you can put the link in an email to your students, on your class' page in Google Classroom or wherever you normally distribute information to them.

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