How do I get links to content, Tasks and Assessments?

When your school has an integration with one of our supported Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Education Perfect, you can easily get links to activities to put into your Learning Management System.

Getting a link to content

  1. Open the lesson you want to link to from your Content Library. 
  2. Click on the grey More button.
  3. Click Get a link for students or Get a link for your LMS.

Getting a link to a task or assessment

  1. Assign a homework task, quick test, or pre-built assessment
  2. On the Get Started page, copy the direct link, or the link labelled with your LMS.

If your LMS has been integrated with Education Perfect, you can paste the LTI link there. If not, you can put the link in an email to your students, on your class' page in Google Classroom or wherever you normally distribute information to them.

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