How can I test Tasks & Assessments myself?

To help you to ensure that the activities you're planning on running go smoothly, Education Perfect has the option for you to test work yourself before assigning it to your students.

Assigning to the Staff class

First, assign a Task or Assessment to the Staff class. This allows you to set work the way you want it, without your students being able to access it.

Start by navigating to either the Tasks or Assessments tab and clicking + Assign.

In these steps, we'll use Tasks as an example, but the same steps also apply to Assessments.

Choose the type of lesson you'd like to assign. Next, click the Staff class under Select classes and students and set up the Task as you would for your students.

At this time, you are unable to select specific teachers within the Staff Class.

For more information on setting up a Task, check out our guide.

Once you've assigned it, click your name in the bottom left corner and click Student Zone. This takes you to a student view, which is what students see when they log in.

Click Tasks & Assessments at the top of the page. Any assigned Tasks and Assessments will show here,

Tasks and Assessments tab in Student Dashboard

If you have tasks assigned to your classes, they'll also show up on this page. Scroll down and look for the work you just assigned, or use the search box.

Tasks and Assessments tab showing assigned work

Click on it to try it out and work through the lesson as a student would.

Start Task page

Reassigning the Task to your students

If you're happy with the task, you can copy it over to your students. To do this, head back to the Teacher Zone. Navigate back to the task in the Tasks tab and click Make a Copy.

Under the Select classes and students section, untick the Staff class and click on the class(es) that you'd like to assign the work to.

selecting a class instead of staff class

Once you've done that, you'll be prompted to edit any settings you wish. When you're happy, click Assign to assign the Task.

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