How do students sit Round 1 of the Brain Bee Challenge?

What is the format of Round 1 of the Brain Bee Challenge?

Round 1 of the Brain Bee Challenge is a 40-minute test which is completed on Education Perfect.

Where can I find the access code for Round 1?

The quiz will be pre-created for you, and will show in the Assessments section of your Control Panel, including the access code (see Where do I find the assessment access codes? to learn how to access this code). Additionally, you will be emailed with the access code before the competition starts. 

Can students complete the Challenge on an iPad or Android tablet?

Yes, students can download the Education Perfect app for their tablet. For more information, see Where do I find the Education Perfect App?.

Can students complete the Brain Bee Challenge from home?

No, the competition must be completed in class, under exam conditions. 

Can a student complete the test late if they miss the session where the rest of my students sit it?

Yes, contact us on and we will reset the access code to prevent them accessing it early. Alternatively, you can reset the access code yourself; see How do I change an assessment's access code? for more details.

What happens if a student's device crashes or loses its Internet connection?

Log back into the test on the same device, or move to a different computer as soon as you can and you will pick up from where you left off. You will have a 10 minute grace period to get back into the test before any time is lost. If there are any other issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Where can I learn about further rounds of the Brain Bee Challenge?

Please visit the ABBC website.

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