2024 Global Languages Championship Guide

A fun celebration of language learning, this competition is a fun opportunity for students to engage, revise, and learn language content on the Education Perfect platform.

When is the event?

The 2024 Global Languages Championship will take place from 7-14 May. Beginning and end times are as follows:

Start: 12pm NZT (7am UK / 10am GST/ 2pm SGT)

End: 12pm NZT (7am UK / 10am GST/ 2pm SGT)

Key information

There are slight differences in the running of this global competition for schools in different regions. Click on the appropriate heading to view more information.

All subscribing schools will be automatically registered for this competition.

Any student with an existing EP account will be able to access the competition automatically once it begins.

Any additional students can be added to participate free of charge. Click here to learn about enrolment options.

Registration and participation is free for all international schools who subscribe to the Education Perfect learning platform, as well as those who have been personally invited to take part. Eligible schools will be invited to participate via email. If you did not receive this email but would like to take part, please feel welcome to contact us.

Any additional students can be added to participate free of charge. Click here to learn about enrolment options.

What languages and content are included?

All languages available on EP are included in this event. This includes EP-made and teacher-made content.

The content of this event is targeted at students learning foreign languages, rather than native speakers.

How does the competition work?

Once students have an account, they'll need to log in (from any device) to access and complete competition content. See our full participation guide here.

  • The competition is suitable for all ages and all levels of language learners. We have had students as young as Grade 2/Year 3 enjoy the event, right up to Grade 12/Year 13 students! 
  • Students can access all of our EP Languages activities for Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing, as well as our extensive bank of vocabulary quizzes. 
  • Students will get points for questions answered correctly, regardless of question difficulty or chosen language. 
  • Students can independently access and complete language learning during the event, but will also earn points for any teacher-assigned Languages tasks. Teachers can choose whether to direct students to particular activities or let them choose the content they wish to complete for the competition.

Check out our full student participation guide, and download and share our tips for students flyer.

Competition rules

At Education Perfect, we take competition integrity very seriously.

You can find a full breakdown of our event rules in this article: EP 2024 Global Language Championship Rules. We encourage all students and teachers to read these rules before competing in any event. 

Students will have all of their EP points removed if found to not be competing fairly in the event.

We will notify the teacher when we confirm this behaviour, however, if we do not hear back within 24 hours, we will remove the student’s points. This cannot be undone. 

Prizes and certificates

Student certificates will be available for download from the event scoreboard once the event has concluded and results are finalised.

Certificates outlining overall school achievements are no longer available. Teachers can find school results and data on the competition tile in the Competitions tab.

In addition, top-scoring students competing in the Global Language Championship (ANZ and INTL) are eligible for the following prizes:

  • 1st Place: $500 NZD Amazon / Giftpay Voucher
  • 2nd Place: $350 NZD Amazon / Giftpay Voucher
  • 3rd Place: $250 NZD Amazon / Giftpay Voucher
  • 4th - 10th Place: $50 NZD Amazon / Giftpay Voucher

Students who earn an Elite award (equivalent to 10,000 points) will also receive an Elite badge.

Prizes are distributed to teachers following the event via email, with badges delivered via mail.

Learn more about viewing competition results and managing participants (including the Category your school is entered in) in our article here.

Promotional Resources

To be able to participate in this year's Global Languages Championship, your school must be registered and your students enrolled on the EP platform.

For help with the enrolment process, or to ask any questions, reach out to our team.

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