Checking competition results and removing competitors

You can view how many points your school has collectively earned during one of our Official Events and other competitions through the Competitions tab. 

Use this information to determine your top students, compare the results of different classes, and see what awards your school has earned. 

Locating the results

Start by clicking on the Competitions tab in your dashboard.

From here, change the filter at the top of the page to include the timeframe of the competition you're looking for.

Click on your chosen competition, then click Results.

Here, view the results of students at your school and switch between viewing by students or by classes. You are also able to filter to show specific classes.

To view the global scoreboard for all schools and students that competed in the competition, select the View full scoreboard icon. This screen will open in a new tab. 

viewing student results in a comp and the scoreboard

Managing participants

Participants can be added or removed within the Participants tab of a competition in the Competitions tab.

In this tab, click Change competing classes and untick or tick classes as required.

Note that any points earned by a student before their class is removed will remain as part of the category number. It is best to remove these extra classes as early as possible.

Please be careful you are removing the correct classes before you confirm. Any points that students earn while removed from the competition will not be counted towards their score even if they are added back to the competition.

Next, click Save Changes to confirm. That's it! 

selecting and saving classes for a comp

The Category your school is entered in (e.g. 1-50 students, 51-100 students) for Official EP Events is determined by how many students are enrolled to compete in the competition.

If your category is inaccurate, you should remove the classes or students who are not actually competing.
example of different categories from global scoreboard

It may take some time for your school's category to be updated on the scoreboard for official events. For any questions, please contact us.

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