Downloading student certificates for Official EP events

For Official EP competitions, students can earn certificates by scoring above a specific points threshold. Student certificates are compiled digitally and can be downloaded by teachers as soon as competition results have been finalised.

Please note that certificates can only be accessed by teachers. If you are a student looking for your award, you will need to ask your teacher to access this on your behalf.

Which competitions get certificates?

We create certificates for various competitions that are hosted by EP, including official events like the EP World Series

If you're unsure whether you can expect certificates to be offered for an event, you can usually find this information within the Prizes section of the event FAQ. Alternatively, teachers can check for a download link!

Any student who earns enough points to reach Credit (or above), will be awarded a certificate. Note that the points threshold for awards may vary between events.

You are welcome to create certificates for other events using our templates. Find these here.

Where can I download certificates?

  1. Navigate to the Competitions tab and click in to the relevant event.
  2. Toggle to the Results section of the Competition. 
  3. Click the Certificates are ready for download button above the scoreboard to download a .zip file containing web format certificates for all students who have earned awards!

If certificates aren't ready for download yet, results for the event may not yet be finalised. Please allow up to 72 hours for this to take place.

Please refrain from archiving any classes that were set up for the event until after you have retrieved your certificates.

Printing Certificates

For best results when printing certificates, follow these instructions:

  1. Double click the certificate(s) you're wanting to print to open them in a web browser.
    1. To print all certificates at once, double click the AllCertificates file that's included in your download file. They'll be opened in a web browser.
  2. Open the print menu by pressing CTRL + P on your keyboard (or file > print). 
  3. Set your printing settings:
    1. Select Colour for best results (black and white works too!)
    2. Set Margins to None
    3. Tick the Background Graphics option
  4. If you'd prefer, you can click Save as PDF to save shareable PDF copies of the certificates.
  5. Click Print.

You can print all certificates at once using the AllCertificates file included in the download file, or print individual certificates by choosing one at a time within the StudentCertificates folder that was included in your download.

How long does it take for results to be finalised?

After each competition has closed, results are finalised by the EP team. Please allow up to 72 hours for this to take place.

We aim to complete this as soon as possible, however, this can be delayed due to discrepancies in results. Any delays in the finalisation of results will be communicated on the competition's scoreboard.

Stuck? Please feel free to contact our team.

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