My students' competition certificates haven’t arrived, why?

Due to the current climate, we're doing things a little differently this year. We'll be compiling all student achievements digitally, which will be quickly and easily available to you using a download link. These will be emailed out to contacts at schools as soon as they are ready.

They haven't been emailed yet

After each competition has closed, we will generate the certificates for all award winning participants. This can take a couple of weeks from when the competition has closed. If it has only been a few days since the final day of the competition, it is likely that your certificates are still being generated and have not yet been emailed to your school.

They've arrived, but haven't been addressed to you

By default, certificates are addressed to your school's Principal. Please check with either your Principal or HOD to see if the email is sitting in their inbox. If you would like the certificates to be sent to you directly, please contact us on

Your event wasn't one of the five events in the Education Perfect World Series

We only send physical certificates for the five events in the Education Perfect World Series:

  • Education Perfect Humanities Championships
  • Education Perfect Languages Championships
  • Education Perfect Maths Championships
  • Education Perfect English Championships
  • Education Perfect Science Championships

If you would like to create certificates to award to your students for another event, please see How do I create certificates for my students?

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