My students' competition certificates haven’t arrived, why?

For various official online competitions that Education Perfect hosts, we generate certificates for students who earn above a specific points threshold. Student certificates are compiled digitally and are emailed to relevant contacts at schools as soon as they are ready. This article explains common reasons why you may not have received these yet.

Which competitions get certificates?

We create and send certificates for various competitions that are hosted by EP, including the Education Perfect World Series events. If you're unsure whether you can expect certificates to be offered for an event you are participating in, you can usually find this information within the Prizes section of the event FAQ. Alternatively, please feel free to contact our Support Team at to check.

If you would like to create your own certificates to award to your students, you are welcome to use our templates which can be found in our article here.

Who are certificates sent to?

Certificates will be emailed to the most appropriate contact that we have on file. Often this will be a school leader or head of department. Please check with your head of department in case the certificates are sitting in their inbox. If you would like the certificates to be sent to you directly, please contact us at

No one has received an email yet

After each competition has closed, we will generate the certificates for all award winning participants. Our Official Competitions can have thousands of competitors, so it can take some time for these certificates to be created. If it has only been a few days since the final day of the competition, it is likely that your certificates are still being generated and have not yet been emailed to your school.

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