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Education Perfect World Series FAQ

This article covers a number of frequently asked questions about the World Series events.

When are the World Series Events?

There are five Education Perfect Championships throughout the year: 

  • Education Perfect Languages Championships: 16 - 23 March
  • Education Perfect Humanities Championships: 25 May - 1 June
  • Education Perfect Maths Championships: 7 - 14 June
  • Education Perfect English Championships: 27 July - 3 August
  • Education Perfect Science Championships: 16 - 23 August

How do I enrol my students?

To get your class or school set up for a competition, follow the instructions in our article How do I enrol my classes? This article will explain what information we need to enrol your students. All enrolments for the competition are completely free of charge!

How does the point scoring system work?

Points are earned toward a competition by completing work in the relevant subject. These competition points are separate to full-year points. Any work that students have already learnt outside of the competition can be completed from scratch for points during the competition. 

For full details on how the points/scoring system work, check out the full guide

What are the rules?

You can find a full list of rules for the World Series here.

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