Connecting to Education Perfect with Clever

Schools using Clever can now integrate directly with EP! This integration offers automated roster syncing, making EP enrolment and class management easier than ever.

How does it work?

EP links securely to your school (or district)’s Clever account and automatically enrols classes and students. Anytime a change is then made to a class or student, this is also synced through to EP.

This makes EP enrolment simple, with students set up and ready to learn as quickly as possible.

You should know:

  • Your school needs to already be using Clever to use this integration.
  • The setup process should be completed by someone who has the authority to approve access to your school data.
  • Once set up, any changes to classes or students need to be actioned in Clever before they are reflected in EP. Details cannot be edited in EP.

How do we get started?

1. Request a connection with EP

The first thing you should do is let us know that you’re ready to set up an integration between EP and Clever. There are two ways to kick this off:

Once requested, the opposite party must approve the request to move forward.

2. EP Configuration

Once Step 1 is complete, we'll configure things on our end which involves:

  • Identifying which classes to sync to EP.
    • EP Admins currently need to select which classes to sync. We'll action this based on your school's EP subscription, but if you need additional classes added, let us know.
  • Ensuring correct access is enabled for those classes.
  • Addressing any sync errors (which we may contact you about).

This process can take around 48 hours.

3. Confirmation

Now that we've configured everything, we’ll email you to confirm that the integration is live and that classes and accounts have been synced.

At this stage, everything is set up and accounts are ready to go!

  • Any new teachers will receive a welcome email inviting them to log in to EP.
  • Students will not receive a welcome email, however, they can log in with Clever using the option on our login page.

4. All done!

Any future changes to classes and accounts will be synced through to EP via Clever automatically.

What’s next?

Students added by the sync won't receive any automatic notifications from EP, as we know some teachers would prefer to notify students themselves.

Once your classes are added, you can:

FAQ & Troubleshooting

How can I change student or class details?

Some information can be edited in EP, however, most Clever-owned account and class details need to be adjusted in Clever before changes can be pushed into EP.

Editable in EP Not editable (must be changed in Clever)
  • Student password
  • Student ID
  • Student SSO and LTI identifier
  • Class name
  • Student name
  • Student email address
  • Class(es) a student is enrolled in
  • The teacher assigned to the class

What if my student or class details are incorrect?

These need to be edited within Clever before they can be synced with EP.

Can we choose to exclude specific classes?

Yes. We have the ability to choose which classes from your Clever account are synced with EP, and this currently needs to be completed by an EP Admin. You'll need to let us know the name of the class(es) you wish to sync or unsync.

Can we sync more year levels or subjects?

Yes! Any classes that match the subject and year level that your school is licenced for can be added. If any are missing, let us know.

To expand this licence (and subsequently, which classes can be synced), please reach out to your dedicated EP Contact who will assist you further. 

Not sure who your contact is? Reach out to us.

How do students log in for the first time? Are new accounts sent an email?

Currently, new teacher accounts will receive a welcome email, but students will not.

Whenever you're ready, students can log in using the Login with Clever option on our login page.

How often are details synced? Can we schedule this at a specific time?

EP will look for any new data once an hour. That being said, the new data needs to be pushed into Clever from the school's end for EP to be able to find it.

Clever admins can learn more about sync frequency.

We'd like to stop syncing via Clever. How can we shut this off?

Let us know, and we'll action this for you.

Need help? Please contact us.

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