What languages content does EP have available?

Education Perfect Languages is a comprehensive online language learning ecosystem to cater to student language learning needs. This article explains each aspect of our content in more detail.

Core Content

Introduction material 

Our comprehensive Introduction lessons are found at the start of every Languages unit. 

They include engaging information sections and questions to introduce students to some key language relevant to the topic they are studying. These can be used in a number of ways and at various stages in the learning journey. 

gif showing where intro lessonsare located in units

Learn more about implementing these sections.

Listening comprehension

Education Perfect Languages has 300+ original Listening comprehension texts available per language. All texts are recorded by native speakers, are scaffolded, and are accompanied by a wide variety of question types.

Listening comprehension lesson example

Example of a listening comprehension lesson

Downloadable transcripts are available for each text and can be found in the Teacher's Guide folder of each unit.

Listening transcripts example

Learn more about using Listening comprehension lessons in your class.

Reading comprehension

EP Languages has 300+ original Reading comprehension texts per language. These texts cover a wide variety of text and question types.

Reading comprehension lesson example

Click here for some creative approaches to using our reading activities in your class.

Writing practice

EP Languages offers over 100 Writing tasks per language. Students are required to use the language they have learned in a particular unit to complete a relevant writing task. All writing activities are easy to track, and teachers can provide feedback to their students through the platform. This is a great way for students to improve their writing skills. 

These lessons can also be used for Peer Review, where students can view and give feedback on their classmates' answers.

Example of a writing lesson

Check out some ideas for using our writing activities in your classroom.

Speaking practice

EP Languages offers up to 200 Speaking tasks per language. These include a variety of activities that focus on both pronunciation and communicative and spontaneous speaking skills. 

Students can review their spoken work and self-assess, and teachers can also listen to student answers and give feedback.

Example of a speaking practice lesson

Click here for more ideas about how you can use our speaking activities in your classroom.

Additional Features

Curriculum alignment

Education Perfect Languages is set up for all your curriculum needs. We have mapped all of our content to over 20 different curriculum documents. These maps can be found and downloaded from the teacher resources folder in the Content Library. 

Curriculum alignment for LIA

Curriculum alignment lesson example

The alignment documents displayed will vary depending on the curriculum your school follows (or the content package enabled for your school).


Education Perfect Languages offers a large bank of contextual grammar lessons with detailed explanations and scaffolded activities. 

These can either be assigned in conjunction with the unit that they are attached to or as stand alone grammar lessons. These are available for Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish.

Click here for some ideas on how you can use the Grammar lessons in your classroom.


Each of our Languages units contains a comprehensive Vocabulary Glossary using our world class vocabulary learning platform. 

Glossaries are available within each unit folder. We've compiled a list of Core Vocabulary as well as Extra Vocabulary for each unit. You'll also find PDF copies within the teacher folder of the unit if you need them!

core vocab lesson examples

core vocab lesson examples - lists

Click here for some ideas on how you can use the vocabulary activities in your classroom.


Education Perfect Languages offers original assessments at Beginner and Intermediate levels to save you time with marking. These are available for Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. Find these nested within each topic folder.

Learn how to assign assessments, check results, and mark work.

assessments folder example

student completing assessment example

Learn how to integrate our assessments into your programme.

Teacher resources

A number of resources are available to help teachers to use our programme effectively, including:

  • Downloadable listening and speaking transcripts for each unit.
  • Downloadable unit outlines which include learning outcomes, listening and reading comprehension topics, grammar points and the cultural focus of the unit.
  • Curriculum alignment documentation.
  • Vocabulary glossaries are available in downloadable PDF format.

teacher's guide folder

Learn more about using our teacher resources.


For a large portion of our supported languages, we have Immersion editions of our Languages programme available. These have all the instructions, questions and answers in the target language. 

These are available for French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and German. 

When viewing folders within the content library, you'll see a folder for each edition (immersion and non-immersion) available.

immersion vs non-immersion material folders

reading comprehension lesson example

Learn more about using our Immersion resources.

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