Getting started in Te Ao Māori for Educators: Administrators Guide

Groups participating in the Te Ao Māori For Educators course may choose to elect a facilitator to oversee the course. This article outlines how.

Signup information for this course can be found on our website here.

Alternatively, contact us to chat about your team's requirements.

Essentials for getting started

Each teacher needs to have an EP student account to participate. If you need to set any teachers up with a student account, you can find instructions on how to add them individually here

You're also welcome to send us a list of their names and we'll be able to add them from there.

Teachers will need to remember to log in with their student account in order to have the progress tracked and receive their certification.

The programme can benefit from having a staff member allocated to run the programme in your school. They can do things like set tasks, track progress and organise competitions to motivate staff.

If this is a focus for staff in your school, we recommend that you allocate some staff PD or meeting time for staff to work on EP to improve their Te Reo Māori skills. This will help staff to take the programme more seriously and allow them time to make progress!

General tips

Run an initial staff meeting where you introduce the staff to the program - allow some time within this for teachers to log in and get started on their learning journey.

Allocating regular time slots for staff to have time to do their own personal learning will help with successful engagement with, and completion of, this course.

EP tools for engagement

EP has a number of different tools to help drive engagement. These are helpful in a school setting, but are also useful for the Te Ao Māori for Educators course!

Setting Tasks

To make the learning more directed, we recommend setting tasks for the staff. This will mean that when a staff member accesses their account, they can easily find the material they should be working on. Setting a task also allows you to track the progress they have made and see how much they have completed.

Learn how to assign a Task.

Setting Quizzes

EP can be used to assign Quizzes on any content in our system. Using the quiz function enables you to set pre- and post-tests for staff based on a specific unit. This can help staff to see the progress they have made, and it can be a motivating factor.

Learn how to assign a Quiz.


Creating a competition is an easy and effective way to motivate both student and teacher learners! Facilitators can assign competitions based on Māori content. You could even offer some prizes for additional engagement.

Create a competition dialogue

Learn how to create a competition.


As each teacher completes the course, they'll be issued with a course certificate to confirm and celebrate their achievement. 

Participants will receive their course completion certificate automatically by email, once they have completed all aspects of the course.

Information on individuals tracking their course progress can be found here

For any questions, contact our team.

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