Te Ao Māori for Educators: Tracking Your Progress

In this guide, we will show you how to track your progress in the Staff Te Ao Māori course, so that you can identify which areas you still need to cover to complete your certification.

Note: It is very important that you are logged in using your student account and that you only complete lessons within the Staff Te Ao Māori Course folder.

Tracking Your Progress - Instructional Video

The points system while completing the course (you earn points as you answer questions), though very nice, is not an important element of the course (it's there primarily for your students, as a wee motivator). The progress you make through the course material (indicated by a green tick or percentage stamp - click on each lesson within the Staff Te Ao Māori Course content to view this once you have completed a lesson) is how we determine whether you have completed all requirements of the course.

For translation lists (Vocabulary Lists) you only need to complete the list in one learning mode and receive one star. This means that you just need to do one of the learning modes either - Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing or Dictation - work through the lists until all words on the list have one star to the right of them. By following this method you will not achieve a 100% completed green tick for Vocabulary Lists, but as long as the terms in each list have a one-star score rating, you have achieved that particular list of words.

More information regarding points can be found in our guide here.

Folders: 9) He Pātai Tene - Spontaneous Questions and Intermediate lessons in folder 8 are optional - (Any folders within the course labelled 'Optional' do not need to be completed to fulfil the requirements of the course).

While completing the course, it is also useful to have the Māori Dictionary handy to support you with any additional terms or queries that may arise.

When you have completed the course requirements, let us know at support@educationperfect.com and we'll double-check your progress for you and issue a Certificate of Completion once all lessons have been successfully completed. Teachers will be able to present this to able to show a commitment to reo Māori upskilling if they need to show this for their appraisal, CV, or school PD requirements. :) 

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