Te Ao Māori for Educators: Tracking Your Progress

By following this guide, you can track your progress in the Staff Te Ao Māori course so that you can identify which areas you still need to cover to complete your certification.

It's important to ensure you are logged in using your student account. and that you only complete lessons within the Staff Te Ao Māori Course folder.

Tracking Your Progress: Step by Step

Click into the Māori subject folder in your Student Zone and click Browse all content. From here, you can check your progress within the Staff Te Ao Māori Course folder.

Browse all content button example

Staff course folder example

You must ensure that you have worked through all slides and questions within the Smart Lessons (shown by a yellow icon), for the lesson to show as 100% and be marked as complete.

Two smart lessons, one showing 50% completion and one showing a green tick for full completion

While completing the course, it is also useful to have the Māori Dictionary handy to support you with any additional terms or queries that may arise.

Optional activities

You'll see Vocabulary Lists (shown by a blue icon) as you work through the folders. Working on these lists is optional, and they are available to you to help solidify your vocabulary knowledge from the Smart Lessons you have completed. 

Vocab list example in a folder

Similarly, any folders within the course labeled  Optional do not need to be completed to fulfil the requirements of the course.

Course completion

Once you have worked through and completed all of the lessons, you're done! You'll receive a certificate confirming your achievement via email.

Teachers will be able to present their certificate to show a commitment to reo Māori upskilling if they need to show this for their appraisal, CV, or school PD requirements. 

If you have any questions about your progress, or anything else, please contact our team.

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