Why haven't my students received email notifications?

When setting a Task or Assessment, you have the option to email students a notification. This article covers what to do if students aren't receiving them!

1. Email notifications weren't turned on during setup

To check whether an assigned Task or Assessment had emails enabled, navigate to the  Get Started tab of the Task or Assessment in question.

Here you can see whether emails were turned on or not. This setting can not be adjusted once assigned.

message indicating if students will receive emails for the task Email notification identifier in Assessment

2. The Task or Assessment hasn't started yet

  • Tasks: Students should receive the notification email as soon as you set it. Regardless of which setting you choose, you can always click the button in the top right to Email students a reminder.
  • Assessments: Students will receive the email close to the start time.

3. We don't have an email address for the student(s)

If emails are turned on, the start date has passed, and no email was received, it's likely that no email has been added to the affected student(s) accounts.

There are two main ways to check whether astudent has an email address affiliated with their account:

  1. If you have set a Task, navigate to the Get Started tab. At the bottom of this screen, you will see what students' email addresses are, and add any that are missing.
  2. Navigate to the Classes tab on your Dashboard. From here, click into the class and then student profile. Here you can add or edit an email address for the student. See our full guide here.

add email button for students within a task

Adding an email address to a student's account after a Task has begun will not send them any emails from before this time, however, they will receive all future reminders.

If you would like to update the email addresses associated with student accounts in bulk, our dedicated Enrolment Team can action this for you. Submit student details to us by following our enrolment guide here.

4. Emails are being caught in students' spam filters

If your students have the correct email addresses linked with their accounts and they're still not receiving homework notifications or reminders, please ask them to check their spam folders.

Still stuck? Contact our team at support@educationperfect.com for further assistance!

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