How can parents/caregivers get updates on student progress?

Parents and caregivers are able to get regular updates on schoolwork. They'll be sent automated emails with information regarding scores, overdue work, and what is due next. Being more informed of their child’s work allows them to follow along with their progress.

When students are emailed about a new task, reminded about an overdue task, or their assessment results are released, parents and caregivers can be sent a copy of the same email as well. 

To enter parent email address information in bulk, just add it as a column to your class lists and send them to us (see How do I enrol my classes? for more details). Our Student Enrolment team can add them in bulk from there!

To enter or update parent email information for a few students, navigate to the  Classes tab at the top of your Control Panel.

arrow pointing to the classes tab

You can find the student in  Classes either by manually searching for their name in the Search all classes and students... bar, or you can select their class and navigate to their account manually. 

showing where a student account will be once it has been searched

showing how to access a class from the classes tab

Select the student by clicking their name.

select student from class list

Enter the students' parent/caregiver's email address and click Save

parent email section within a student account

To add additional parent email addresses for a singular student select + Add Email. You can use this to add as many additional parent emails as you'd like. 

adding multiple parent emails to a student account

To notify parents of an upcoming task or assessment, tick the corresponding box when creating the task or assessment. This means that parents will receive the same emails as their children about this.

optional setting when assigning a task to send an email to parents

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