Insights and reporting

Our Insights feature gives you the ability to track individual student progress and identify key strengths and development areas. 

What are Insights?

EP offers rich reporting capabilities and data insights to help simplify admin, and save teachers time. The reports available in your dashboard enable you to check up on recent student activity and see time spent on specific tasks, assessments, and lessons. 

You can filter your views to be as specific or broad as you like, with subject, timeframe, and class filters available. Most reports are exportable, so data can be downloaded and used however you need!

The Insights tab

Click into the Insights tab. First up is an overall graph that shows you Questions Answered and the Time Spent (you can toggle between the two). 

This graph can be filtered by subject, and you can hover over the data line to see a more specific breakdown. 

Insights page graph

Beneath this graph, you'll see a selection of reports.

Class Report

Click on the Class Report tab to see an overview of your classes. Here you'll see your students' most recent activity and time spent. 

Filter this page by class, subject, and timeframe. You can click on an individual student to see their specific data.

For further information on leveraging the data in this report, see our guide here

Class report

Task completion report & Assessment Results

The Task completion report and Assessment results tabs are very similar. Each shows a summary of Tasks or Assessments that students have attempted or completed, as well as accuracy and final scores. 

Filter this page by classes and timeframe, and export data as required. You can find more information about these reports here.

Task completion report

Assessmet report

Full school report 

This report gives a very similar report to the Class Report, but for all classes at your school. This is a great way to see the overall school and student engagement! See more information about this report here.

Full School report

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