What have my students been working on recently?

You are able to view your students' recent activity on Education Perfect through your dashboard. This is helpful to keep track of what topics they are focusing on.

Start by navigating to the Insights tab and choosing Class report.

User the filters at the top of the page to adjust your view.

On this page you'll find various sections for student and class breakdowns. Most sections can be exported using the button at the top of the section - the data will be downloaded to your device.

Clicking on one of the student names in the Student Engagement section will open a report for that particular student. This works for classes as well.

You can assign Tasks and Assessments from the individual student view using the button on the respective table. Click to begin the task creation process.

assigning a new task or assessment from the relevant tables in the usage report

To find out more about EP reporting, check out our guide.

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