How do I view my school's Education Perfect usage?

You can view the usage and activity for your whole school through the Student Usage section of your Control Panel.

Select Insights at the top of your Control Panel.

Select Full School Report.

From here you will be able to see the activity of all students at your school. You can refine the information displayed here to specific classes, subjects, or time frames using the filters at the top of the page.

The graph reflects the student's usage within a certain time frame so that you are able to note when the platform was used the most by individual students.

Scroll down to  Student Engagement. From there, you can see an overview of each student's engagement with Education Perfect. 

Click on a student's name to see their individual usage report. You can see the total number of hours spent online, how many times the student has logged in, how many activities they have completed, and how many questions they have answered.

Recent Activity shows what your student has been working on recently. You can see how recently they were working on the activity and how much time they spent on each activity. You can Export this information as a CSV file.

Tasks enables you to see an overview of how your student has engaged with the tasks that have been set. You can see their completion progress for each task that has been set, and can see more details about a specific task by clicking the task title.

Assessments lets you see an overview of how your student has engaged with the assessments that have been set. You can see the student's grade for each assessment and view more details about a specific assessment by clicking the assessment title. 

Click  Export on any table to save the data in a spreadsheet. 

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