Connecting to Education Perfect via Wonde

Connecting your school to Education Perfect through Wonde can allow for a seamless enrolment of your students.

Note: EP's Wonde integration is currently unavailable for schools located in Canada.

Create your school's Wonde account

If you would like to connect to Education Perfect through Wonde, contact us with your request, and Wonde will be in touch to send you an invitation to connect. Once you have received the email invitation, you can begin your school’s account creation. 

Please ensure that this process is followed by someone who has the authority to approve access to school data.

You will need to fill out the following fields:

a screenshot showing which fields you will need to fill out. They are: "do you have permission to approve access to your school's data?", "First name", "Last name", "Email address", and "please select your position at school"

Upon clicking Create Account, your account will become active and you will be able to review and approve the requests from EP to connect.

Approving third party applications

When you log into the Wonde portal, the Dashboard will display your connections, and highlight any that are Pending Approval. 

a screenshot showing the wonde portal displaying Education Perfect's connection pending.

The user will need to click on the EP application and then into Permissions.

a screenshot demonstrating the step described above

Once here, you will need to review the data permissions that are requested.

A screenshot demonstrating the step described above

After you have thoroughly read through the permissions, you will be able to select to either approve access or decline. Once you select Approve access a confirmation email will be sent to your school and to EP.

The email includes details on what, who and when permissions were approved. If you select Decline access, EP will be notified.

If at any point EP tries to change the permissions or access extra data, this will need to be approved again by your school.

a screenshot showing the buttons for approving or denying access

If you are unhappy with the permissions requested by Education Perfect, feel free to contact us directly to discuss why we have requested certain permissions and what you would be comfortable with.

Access Controls

Use Wonde's Access Controls to specify any students who should be excluded. Here's how:

  1. Log in to
  2. Select Education Perfect, and then Access Controls.
  3. Filter individual students/teachers accordingly. There are three options available:
    1. The first option (default) allows all users associated with the permissions to be accessed.
    2. Use the second option to exclude specific users. The data associated with any individuals selected will not be passed on to the third party app.
    3. Use the third option to only include data for a small number of users. Only the data associated with the individuals selected will be passed onto the app. All other users will be excluded.

For schools that wish to exclude certain students, EP recommends the second option as this does not interfere with automatically syncing new students.

Integrating with your Student Management/Information System

Once you have granted access to EP, you will be taken through the steps to install Wonde. During the process, you will need to select which SMS/SIS your school uses.

a screenshot demonstrating the step described above

Selecting your SMS/SIS will then provide you with a guide on how to further complete the integration, or you also have the option to make an appointment with Wonde to work through the next steps together.

a screenshot demonstrating the step described above

If you have any issues you can contact Wonde directly using the following details:


Phone: +61 (0)2 8310 4489


What happens next?

Once you're all set up and have approved access, EP will be notified automatically and we'll start mapping your data on our end! Syncs are performed automatically every day.

Students added by the sync won't receive any automatic notifications from EP, as we know some teachers would prefer to notify students themselves.

Once your classes are added, you can:

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