Kiosk Mode error on Education Perfect

Students may occasionally see a Kiosk Mode error when they try to start a full-screen assessment on an iPad. This article explores the error and how to remedy the issue.

How do I get around this error?

Most importantly, students need to tap Yes when prompted to confirm Self-Lock. 

Self lock pop up on iPad

Students can also try the following options:

  • Wait 10 seconds then try to start the Assessment again
  • Force close the EP App and try again
  • Ensure that the App is fully updated via the App Store
  • Ensure that the App is fully updated internally
    • To do this, force close and then re-open the app. Leave it open for 30 seconds without touching anything. If an update is available, an update button pops up at the bottom of the screen. Tap the button to update. If this button doesn’t show up, the internal App is fully up to date.
  • Restart the device and try again.

What causes the error?

Kiosk mode failed to start, try again in 10 seconds occurs only on iPads. This error pops up if the iPad fails to enter full screen or ‘Self-Lock’ mode. 

Kiosk Mode is an important part of our assessments feature, as it keeps students locked to the Assessment and unable to access other apps.

Student Zone Assessment with Kiosk mode error message

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