How do I export a list of my students' usernames?

You can quickly and easily provide students with their usernames and email addresses by exporting a spreadsheet from Education Perfect.

Either open Classes from your Control Panel or directly click into a class name on your homepage.

Homepage of a teacher account and showing where the classes tab is

Directly clicking into a class will take you to the class list. You can then click export to export your class's login details.

Classes will take you to a panel of your own classes, alongside a list of your school's classes. To the top right of your classes, you will notice an option titled  Export Class Lists. Select this option.

Export class lists button with the classes tab

Select the class, or classes, you would like to export by ticking the boxes beside them. Next, select the  Select Classes option. 

Showing how to choose which classes you would like exports for

This will download a spreadsheet containing your students' details, including their full names, usernames, and email addresses. 

If you'd like to reset your students' passwords, you can do so by following the instructions in our help guide here.

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