Resetting a task for students who didn't complete it

If some students didn't complete a homework task by the due date, but you still want them to complete it, you can reassign it to just those students in a couple of clicks.

Go to Tasks from your Control Panel.

Tasks tab in the Control Panel highlighted by an arrow

Navigate to the progress section of the task.

Gif depicting navigating to the Progress section of a Task by selecting the individual task, then the Progress tab.

Scroll down to  Students' Progress and click Re-assign to incomplete students.

Re-assign to incomplete students button highlighted by an arrow

Choose the end date you want for the task and click  Submit. An email will automatically be sent to any students whose details we have, reminding them to complete the task. If the task was originally set to email parents/caregivers, they will also receive this notification.

Image depicting the date and time section for re-opening the task

Students who complete this task once it's been re-assigned will have their work marked as submitted late on the completion report.

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