Editing, extending or re-opening an existing Task

If you want to change the due date of a task or realise you've made a mistake setting up a task for your students, you can change most aspects of your task without deleting it and making a new one. 

You can also re-open a task once the task has closed if you would like your students to have another attempt. 

Extending a Task

Navigate to the Tasks tab from your dashboard, then click into the relevant task.

From here, ensure you're in the Details tab and scroll down to the Dates section. Click Edit.

From here, select your new due date, and click Save.

Editing a Task

You can use the same method to Edit most parameters of a Task:

  • Change who the task is assigned to.
  • Change what activities are assigned.
  • Change the number of times students should revise the content (translation lists only).
  • Add instructions to the task.
  • Change Content or Peer Review options.

Re-opening a Task

Navigate to the Tasks tab from your dashboard, then click into the relevant task.

In the Details tab, click the Re-open Task button.

You'll be prompted to set a new date and time for the Task to close. Click Submit, and you're done!

new date to set when reopening

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