How do I edit/extend an existing homework task?

If you want to change the due date of a task, or realise you've made a mistake setting up a task for your students, you can change most aspects of your task without deleting it and making a new one.

Go to  Tasks & Homework from your Control Panel.

Mouse-over the homework task and click on  Details.

To extend the task, click  Change Dates. You can also:

  • Change who the task is assigned to
  • Change what activities are assigned
  • Change the number of times students should revise the content (translation lists only)
  • Enable and disable the Live Feed
  • Add a description to the task

If you change the students a task is assigned to, or the content involved in a task, students will not be notified unless they log in and notice themselves. For example, if you add another activity to a task after a student completed everything they had been originally assigned, this could lead to that student's results displaying less than 100% completion if they didn't log back in and notice that they had more work to do.

When you're done, click  Save Changes.

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