How do I manage classes I don't teach?

With your teacher account, you can manage classes that are not assigned to you. This includes assigning Tasks & Assessments, viewing results, and updating class details.

Assigning Tasks and Assessments

To begin with, open either the orange Tasks tab or the green Assessments tab, depending on which assignments you would like to view or modify. 

To assign a task or assessment to a class that's not assigned to you, select Assign Task or Assign Assessment

Once you are presented with the Who? section, select All Classes. You will then be able to select from all classes enrolled at your school, not just those assigned to you. 

To assign to specific students, you can refer to our article How do I assign a homework task for individual students?

You can then continue to assign work following the usual prompts

Viewing Task and Assessment Results

Navigate to the Tasks or Assessments tab. Then, select  All my classes in the top-left of the screen and Show more classes.

Here you will see a list of the assignments that have been set up for all classes at your school, presented in a similar format to how your own are presented to you. Select the class and navigate to the specific assignment you would like to see results for.


Select the task and then the Progress section.

Upon selecting  Progress, you will be taken to a page with information on student achievements and a summary of class progress.

You can scroll down further for a report on the achievement of each individual student. If more than one lesson has been assigned in a single task, you can click on a specific unit for a further breakdown.


Select the assessment and then   Analysis.

Here, you will find a breakdown of the overall results and question responses for each student. You can also export each student's answers here.

Full Year Class Reports

We store usage data for all classes that you can use to generate reports. Simply navigate to the class you would like to see wider analysis for and select either Task completion report or Assessment report depending on what section you're in.   

This will provide an extensive breakdown of the tasks or assessments (depending on which assignment you accessed it through) that this class has worked on over the year. This time frame can be adjusted by selecting  Change Time Frame at the top of the page. 

Scroll to the left and the right to navigate the breakdown of the class' students in each test or task for the selected time period. This includes:

  • Amount of tasks attempted and completed by each student.
  • Which tasks have been assigned, unfinished, and completed by each student.
  • Tasks that have had material finished late. 

To view a full student usage report for the class, select  View full usage report. To find out more about the Student Usage Report section and how you can use it for reporting, refer to our guide.

View and modify classes

With your teacher account, you have the ability to view and make changes to classes you don't teach. This includes: updating students' account information, moving students between classes and updating the teacher assigned to the class. To do so, head to the Classes tab and scroll down to All Classes. You can then perform the same actions as done when you are the assigned teacher. 

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