How do I manage classes I don't teach?

With your teacher account, you can manage classes at your school that are not assigned to you. This includes assigning Tasks & Assessments, viewing results, and updating class details.

This makes collaboration between teachers easy and can help to alleviate school absences.

Assigning Tasks and Assessments

To begin with, navigate to either the Tasks or Assessments tab.

Click the  + Assign button to assign some work.

When presented with the 1. Select classes and students section, click All Classes. You can now choose from all classes enrolled at your school, not just those assigned to you. 

You can then continue to assign work following the usual prompts.

You can also assign work to specific students!

view all classes button

Viewing Task and Assessment results

When viewing the Tasks or Assessments tab, click  All my classes in the top-left of the screen then Show more classes.

You'll be shown all classes at your school, and you can click on any to bring up assigned work. The behaviour here is the same as for your assigned classes.


Select the task and then the Report section.

Upon selecting Report, you will be taken to a page with information on student achievements and a summary of class progress, including the achievement of each individual student.

report tab

You can scroll down further for a report on the achievement of each individual student. If more than one lesson has been assigned in a single task, you can click on a specific unit for a further breakdown.

task report example


Click into the assessment and then Report.

Here, you will find a breakdown of the overall results and question responses for each student. You can also export each student's answers here.

assessment report example

student resul texample

Insights and reporting

Data for all classes at your school is easily accessible through the Insights tab.

Here you'll have a variety of reports to choose from, but to see an overview of a specific class, choose the Class Report.

Use the filters at the top of the page to choose which class(es) to view. You can also select a specific subject and/or timeframe.

Learn more about viewing and using the data in this area in our article.

View and modify classes

With your teacher account, you have the ability to view and make changes to classes you don't teach. This includes: updating students' account information, moving students between classes and updating the teacher assigned to the class

To do so, head to the Classes tab and scroll down to All Classes. You can perform the same actions as when you are assign as the class teacher. 

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