I have moved schools, can my content come with me?

Teacher accounts can be transferred between schools when required. They can also be attached to multiple schools at once (for those who teach at more than one school!). 

When we transfer a teacher account to a new school, anything that is saved in the My Content folder will follow. Any content not contained in this folder will not transfer with the account.

If you need to have your account transferred, ensure that any content you have created has been copied into your My Content folder so that it follows! 

If you need any assistance with having your content or account transferred, contact us and we'll be happy to help.

In addition to the above, any content in the My School's Content folder that is not public will be inaccessible from the new school by default. Content needs to be purposefully shared with the public in order to be accessible. Once shared, it can be searched for by teachers at any school, and copied to that school’s library for use.

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