How do I use points to increase engagement?

Utilising points on Education Perfect can be a good way to encourage students to complete their work.

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Smart Lessons

Your students can earn points on Education Perfect by completing work. To encourage your students to complete specific lessons or topics you can create a lesson in a way that will earn them more points than other lessons.

For information on how to create your own Smart Lesson, you can refer to our article How do I make a Smart Lesson?

Although you are not able to change the amount of points each question is worth, you can break down larger questions into smaller questions. For example, the below question can be broken down into two separate questions.

Two questions in one slide example

Each separate question will be worth points.

First question split into one slide

Second question split into one slide

For more information for how many points students can earn from certain questions, you can refer to our article How does the points/scoring system work


Competitions are useful tools for encouraging students to learn in a fun and engaging way.  You can run a competition in your class using the same platform that is used for the Education Perfect World Series events.

The competition you create can be for your entire school, a specific year level, specific classes, or just one class. You can also choose whether your students are accessing all Education Perfect content, a specific subject, or specific lessons you have chosen.

For example, if you would like your classes to revise what they have learned for a specific unit, you can create a competition for the relevant classes with just the material from that unit available.

For information on how to create a competition for your students, you can refer to our article How do I create a competition?

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