How can assessment results from EP be fed back into Brightspace?

Results from assessment tasks you assign in Education Perfect can be fed back into Brightspace's gradebook, making it easy to collate assessment results from multiple sources.

What types of assessments can be included?

  • Any assessment created in your Teacher Dashboard (including Quizzes) can have its grades stored in Brightspace as well as in Education Perfect.

Linking a task from your dashboard with Brightspace

  1. Assign a Quiz or pre-built assessment in your dashboard.
  2. Get the D2L embed link from your assessment (for more information, see How do I get links to content, tasks and assessments?)
  3. From a module in Brightspace, click Add Existing Activities and then select External Learning Tools.
  4. You can now either:
    1. Use the list to choose an existing Education Perfect assessment or,
    2. Create a new entry by clicking Create New LTI Link, entering a Title and pasting the link from Step 2, then clicking Create and Insert.
  5. The Education Perfect assessment is now available in Brightspace and the grade will be written back automatically on completion

Notes: the Education Perfect assessment settings around marking and releasing results will be honoured. This means that if the results are set to be withheld (regardless of whether the assessment is marked automatically or not), the results won't be written back to Brightspace until they are released. Additionally, if the grades are revoked from Education Perfect, they will also be removed from Brightspace.

Here is a demonstration of the integration in action:

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