How do I install the LTI Tool Provider for Brightspace?

The Education Perfect Tool Provider in Brightspace enables Education Perfect LTI integrations.

Adding this enables:

  • Embedding Tasks and Assessments via copy/paste of LTI links
  • Embedding content library content via a content picker
  • Grade write-back when completing Education Perfect assessments launched from Brightspace

Brightspace integrations process

Get in touch with us

To get started, send us an email at letting us know you'd like to set up an integration with Brightspace. If you're not the person who will be configuring the integration, please also include them in the email so we know who to contact with next steps. Our team will send you a consumer and secret key pair which you can use to authenticate with us. 

Install the Eduation Perfect external tool

  1. Start from the homepage of your Brightspace instance
  2. Select External Learning Tools and then Manage Tool Providers and then click New Tool Provider.
  3. Fill out the New Tool Provider page as follows:
    • Secret: As provided by the Education Perfect team, e.g. 36D41D4F-3708-4AEE-8959-7DA70F5439CD
    • Tool consumer information: Tick Use custom tool consumer information instead of default
    • Key: As provided by the Education Perfect team, e.g.8A5A51E6-DBAB-40A2-8D32-4CF1C9FBAFD6
    • Name, Description and Contact Email: At your discretion
    • Visibility: Tick Allow users to use this tool provider
    • Security Settings: Tick all sub options
    • Make tool provider available to: Tick Current Org Unit
  4. Click Save and Close 

Content, Tasks and Assignment LTI links can now be copied from Education Perfect and pasted into Brightspace as per How do I get links to content, tasks and assessments?

If you'd like to be able to embed Education Perfect content via our picker, you will need to install a Brightspace Remote Plugin, which will inherently reference this Tool Provider you've just created.

Match existing users to their BrightSpace accounts

If your students have already been using Education Perfect without a Brightspace integration, their EP accounts will need to be linked to the unique identifier Brightspace uses to confirm their identity. This enables any work that students do on Education Perfect in Brightspace to be stored against their account. Often this is the user's school email address, but it can differ from school to school - the information in the test page above helps us to work out exactly what to use. 

If we already have the unique identifier associated with teachers' and students' accounts, for example because it's their email addresses, we'll match up everyone we can on your behalf. We will then send you a list of anyone we couldn't match. Once you send us the details for those people, we'll update them as well. 

Please note that until we have completed this step users will get an error if they attempt to access Education Perfect content embedded within Canvas.

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