Why won't Dash work?

If you're having trouble accessing Dash, you may need to update your firewall settings.

The most common issue people tend to have with being able to access Dash is being unable to establish a multiplayer connection.

To fix this, try and check in with your school's IT team to make sure the following domain has been permitted:  wss://sockets.educationperfect.com.

For a full list of URLs that you may need to permit for Education Perfect, check out our guide

Dash may be unavailable because the activity you have assigned is unsupported. You can find more information about why Dash may be unavailable here

If you continue to have trouble with accessing Dash, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at support@educationperfect.com.

Dash will not work on the mobile phone app. It is only available on computer or tablet.

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