Education Perfect English and the NSW Syllabus

Education Perfect English Facilitates Core Learning in Stages 3-6 of the NSW Syllabus.

Content for students in Stage 3 includes an extensive range of literacy skills resources that focus on the development of competency in spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, reading, language features and word types. Along with this, four comprehensive, contextual text-type modules are available that focus on narrative, informative, persuasive and poetry analysis and creation.

For Stages 4 and 5, EP provides curriculum-aligned resources to support reading, writing, viewing, speaking, listening and presenting - all of the fundamentals required to be successful in demonstrating the English outcomes. These can be found alongside novel, drama and film studies as well as resources that focus on spelling, punctuation, word types and language features.

EP also provides curriculum-aligned resources for English Standard and English Advanced as well as supporting resources for English Studies. Each of these courses contains an extensive library of resources that includes an in-depth essay writing guide, a comprehensive film studies guide, a wide range of literature study guides and resources to support the development of fundamental English skills that will help your students find success.  

For more detailed information regarding the resources available for each stage, please see the appropriate curriculum map below. 

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