Using Education Perfect to prepare for the NAPLAN Literacy tests

Education Perfect has developed original NAPLAN Literacy practice material to help in both identifying and remedying each student's individual strengths and weaknesses.

EP positively impacts NAPLAN results! Analysis of NAPLAN results against use of EP shows a clear correlation between schools that use EP and their average NAPLAN score when compared against schools that don't use the platform, and a distinct further increase for schools that are highly engaged.

We found that the more schools use EP, the better the NAPLAN results. Schools using EP see greater learning growth from Year 7 to Year 9.

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For information on EP's Numeracy preparation material, see our article here.

Available content

Our NAPLAN Literacy module contains a series of activities for Years 5, 7 and 9:

  • NAPLAN Spelling: The commonly misspelled words in NAPLAN tests are categorised into Simple, Common, Difficult, and Challenging
    • Each set of words is available both as a listening exercise using Education Perfect's spelling lists and NAPLAN-style lists where students are asked to find and correct the error in a sentence.
  • Minimum Standards: These are activities targeted at specific skills students may need to practice before sitting the NAPLAN tests and are available in Years 7 and 9.
  • Practice Tests: These are assessments created by the EP team in the style of NAPLAN tests. Once completed, they give a breakdown of each student's abilities and recommend tasks from the Recommended Tasks section.
  • Recommended Tasks: These are Smart Lessons that teach the skills tested by NAPLAN. This includes Language Conventions, Narrative Writing and Persuasive Writing. These activities contain a combination of information slides to teach skills, as well as questions to test student understanding.

Preparing for the NAPLAN Assessments

Set a diagnostic test

To help prepare your students for the NAPLAN assessments, we recommend this workflow: 

  1. Set a diagnostic test from the Practice Tests folder (for more information, see Assigning a Pre-Built Assessment).
  2. Have your students sit the test. You can monitor their progress and ensure they stay focused during the test by using EP's monitored assessment mode (for more information, see How do I monitor my assessment?).
  3. Once the test is complete, it will be automatically marked for you. Use the analysis provided to get an indication of your class' skill level, then assign our automatically generated recommendations to give each student a differentiated course of work targeted at their needs. For more information on doing this, see Recommended Tasks on EP.

Assign a Quiz

In addition to setting a pre-built diagnostic test from the Practice Tests folders, you can also create a quiz from any of the learning material in EP. This allows you to select the specific content you want to include in the test. 

For example, you could assign a Quiz based on just the Language Conventions list in the Practice Exercises folder, or based on any of the EP learning material. For more information, see How do I create and assign a Quiz?.

Assign a Task for in-class work or homework

If you already know the areas your students need support in, you can skip running the diagnostic tests and immediately choose tasks to assign to your students, including being able to create a differentiated learning plan for each student. 

You can assign any of the EP-created NAPLAN content, or any of the EP learning material. Learn how to assign Tasks here.

For any questions, please reach out to our team.

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